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Default Re: My electric start full suspension predator 212 build

Originally Posted by romerider153 View Post

That's the new tensioner and that is a stock cover that I just removed the big extra boss off of and then wrinkle painted. That smaller sprocket in that picture is the one I'm enlarging going from 17 tooth to 24 so hopefully that gets me down even further.
A few things that would help with the vibration is to replace that tensioner wheel with a #35 sprocket type: Offered from Northern Tool and made by Azusa. All my past builds use this type, makes a big difference. Another thing to consider is a support on top of the motor connected to the frame, the torque with-out the top support will cause vibration. Look at Sportsman Flyer builds and you will see the type of mount I am talking about.

On another note: I would leave the clutch alone as is, you start playing with it and adjusting it will lead to me on that

After you get that all fine-tuned and can shift that bike you will have one beast for sure.
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