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Default Re: First time litter (theft prevention help?)

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Have you considered a hand grenade attached to the bottom of your seat? Attach a string from the grenade pin to an immovable object then when the thief rides off it pulls the pin and in a few seconds, "Boom". No more bike thief.

Of course it's a little hard on the bike but that guy won't be stealing any more. Guaranteed.

Thief might spot the string.

How about 200 grams of Semtex in the seat tube arranged as a shaped charge. triggered with an RFID chip. Once the bike gets too far from the "key" it triggers.

That way when the bike moves a safe distance from where you are sleeping the charge blows the thief's spine right out the top of his skull...

Did I mention I hate thieves?
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