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Default Re: Anyone thought about a diesel bike?

I just recently bought a 6hp clone for a fishing boat I am building. I considered a 10hp but it weighed 100+ lbs. The 6hp weighs 82 in electric start. That's a heavy engine for a bicycle based build. Fine for a M/C conversion. There are smaller ones out there.

But the greater issue is the inherent vibration associated with the diesel. The Yanmar clones do have a balance shaft and seem smoother than the old Hatz 6-8hp I have from the 70s. This engine sat on 4 isolators that were basically the same mounts used in the earlier Volvo cars(they used only 3).

That's a nice looking bike in the pic. The engine looks like a 6hp, but cant really tell. 6 would be PLENTY with the torque it makes. It would be wise to get a seriously honest answer as to how well the vibes are dampened by a frame sized for bicycle components before spending a lot of time on a build.
A 66cc CG can buzz hands and feet numb on certain frames, and its a crap shoot on harmonics with a one off frame. You wont know til its built.

I would love to have a small MB/MC diesel powered build and I'm not trying to discourage any one thinking about it. I just wouldn't want to spend a bunch of time on a build only to have it rideable for a short duration. A diesel would need to be a good long distance traveler.
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