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Default Re: New Project- Vintage Motorized Bicycle!

Originally Posted by WECSOG View Post
That sounds really interesting! Inboard? What engine?
Actually you can use whatever centrifugal clutch you can find that fits your engine out put shaft diameter and change the springs yourself to lighter springs. No real need for an exotic clutch. Check a well stocked hardware store for lighter springs, or check for springs on-line. Another option is to add weight to the clutch shoes to make them engage at a lower rpm. Easy enough to do by drilling holes in the clutch shoe metal arms then fill the holes you drilled with lead wire punched into rivets. That can be done with a hand drill, some lead wire, and a hammer. Just make sure the raw (un-upset) lead rivets you make are the same weight for each one you add to a clutch shoe so as not to induce an out of balance condition in the clutch.
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