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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

Originally Posted by Weedylot View Post
OK Dax, I'll be glad to race. I'll have to take the gloves off and post for the world to see that I've never seen a 50cc motorized bicycle keep up with my Puch in a quarter mile yet.
When I do, I'll readily post it.
Oh! I'll possibly have the chance, if I can get Fred at Freedom USA to race.
I've caught to and overtaken a few so far, but we weren't formerly racing and when we would stop at a light I guess the guys I've encountered just don't have the giddy-up on because the Puch always gets the jump. The ones I've encountered though were pretty ratty looking and their bikes were too.
A 1/4 mile? I reach top speed in like 50-60 yards.

I will shave my legs, arms, all body hair and wear spandex....that makes you faster right?