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Default Re: Here I go again,Briggs build

Super! Runs!

I welded on a coaster brake type frame at the rear wheel mounts for v-brakes that I had scavenged from another bike. This I use with the same on the front too. The pedals are gone and instead foot pegs, so technically it is a light weight off-road OHV CA legal reg motorcycle.

The pivot point for the brake parts were partly aluminum alloy. The center pin part was steel and able to be unscrewed and reused. Just the boss that I was going to transfer to the steel frame I was using was alloy. I could not weld alloy to steel. Instead I found a steel nut and welded it with some steel angle iron to my frame and it's been real good.

Just wet conditions mean rim brakes are not so good for short times till it dries.

Disks are up higher and don't get wet as easily.

Let see the process as it develops for your build. Just another tip my belt drive grabs well, but too steep a hill it may slip. If you go with chain, I was wondering about those clamp to hub, rather than rag joint. I made similar to a rag joint by using plywood attached to spokes but it was for a pulley and belt.

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