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Default Re: New Project- Vintage Motorized Bicycle!

Wow! What a bike! I like it.

Still.......I do hope you'll spend some time thinking about whether that bike is safe or not. Consider that sprocket and chain. They'll be about 1/2 inch from your toes, shoelaces, ankle, and so on.

Now......I'll bet you already have considered that. And I'll bet there are ways to make that risk acceptable. A chain guard or something.

But I'm also wondering about those wheels. It's a good guess that those tires have been flat for years. That means that the inside of those rims have been exposed to the air. They could be nearing 'rust-through'.

I think I'd advise stripping that bike down to individual parts and evaluating the condition of the frame. I'd be fairly likely to replace everything else.

Another piece of bad news; if it's an old Raleigh frame then it'll be difficult to get parts and components to match.
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