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Default Re: What is the quietest motorized kit

Originally Posted by robin View Post
youd think these guys would embrace the idea---there are only 2 motorized bicycle in a town of 30,000 !!
In a city of 800,00 I have seen only ONE!! other MB.

He was pedalling with engine off. That was TWO YEARS ago.

I've seen China MB's here on craigslist, but never in person.

Today I pedalled to McD's for breakfast, then to the credit union for cash.

As crowded as the streets were with cars, so was the inside of the credit union.

I quickly withdrew $$ from the ATM and just as quickly was motoring away and passing stalled traffic.

I used "The Dragon Lady" temporarily driven by single Mitsubishi w/1.5".

What a pleasant drive; docile but still able to reach 30+mph on the flats.

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