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Default Re: 43mph 48cc stock internals +- 1500 miles later

Its just as well I started this post otherwise I'd never have known how to properly calculate those revolutions. Thanks for that langolier. I counted or rounded of those piston revs as I measured it off incorrectly. . . One things for sure I get the same speed as you on a level road . . . I guess getting a new bicycle might help a bit aswell. Noticed the china bicycle's spokes are turning loose , and the wheels are sitting in different angles /\ when looked at from the front or back of the bike . Another big thing I want to do is do a compression ratio . Reason for that is the cylinder wall has a scratch running from top to bottom. Other than it messing the compression ratio I'm sure it has an effect on the smoothness of how the engine should work. . . Once again guys I'm no pro at this , so point out if yawl see something wrong.
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