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Default Re: my journey begins

well I'm still on my journey, too many problems and solutions to go into. if it wasn't for Legwon it would probably be lying in the corner gathering dust, snapped this and that, and failures, bad decisions so on and so forth.

where I'm at now.
bottom end original zoom crank case with jb patch work and zoom stubby port matching intake. everything else from the Cheez engine (which I sheered the front mount studs off and could only get one out). so crank case is matched, this piston only has intake skirt cut out, muffler stinger cut right down. running the sha clone with air/fuel adjusts with rain sock material instead of a filter. still dialing in the jet 64 is next trial, running amzoil saber at 50:1. I got rid of the chain tensioner using rear engine mount 16g shims to fit chain(legwon idea and material), still using 2.35" fat frank tires. added shims front and rear mounts on frame, very little vibes with this set up. but I will be getting a cnc'd custom mount, I want the rear mount to come from the bottom like a chopper frame mount. I need room for a engine mounted jackshaft that I got from Chaz (it's mostly ther Chaz, just needs new bearings and some tweeking).

with a 63 jet I am getting 50 kph no problem and little over, hoping to get that up enough to get my 56t mounted and still be happy with top end. until i get the js figured out.

also back to my original handlebars. best change has been to get rid of the tensioner, wow what an difference in how it pedals and feels. I'll post up some new photos soon.
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