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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

Puch makes a great Moped . Not sure why people would frown on the Puch Made in Austria.. Or is it Germany? I forget.. But not frown on the Tomos which is made in India. I can tell you this. I have a Vespa and Motobecane moped Still. I may sell the Vespa and keep just the motobecane. The Motobecane made in France is the fastest 50cc moped I have ever ridden in factory form. It has beat my SOLO made in Germany, Sold that one... It whips up on my Vespas . I had 2 of them now only one. I have never come across a moped as powerful and fast as the Motobecane. Not ever... And.. I can tell you this.. My F80 Dax motor on a bicycle will out pull, out drag , out run, out speed , and out Handle the Motobecane. Hands down !! Also in stock form. A half way decent running motorized bicycle with a Good times or China GT motor as they are called will run circles around any moped I have ever met . Period. If you have a 50cc moped and it is stock, and you want to try me pinks, and you are in my area.. Let me know. Lets do it !!! Then I will sell your moped when we are done .. As for long life.. Well. The motobecane is a middle 70's model with around 2000 miles on it. Some of my Customers with the cheap little DAX Gt motors have as many as 16,000 miles and counting .. No kidding.. What is the reason for this? Because when you get a GT motor and install it on your bike, you ride it !! It is addictive !! and you ride and ride and ride !! It is a blast !!