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Default Hello from SoCal

Well hello all, my user name about says it all. I got into this hobby in September with an occ stingray and have since dismantled it before I moved out west for the winter.....70s in December sounds great. It was a black 20" first year no fenders that looked like it had been assembled by a 2year me I rescued it and whoever rode it from an asphalt asswhoopin. $200 dollars from the Craig's list. I think it had a super rat on it I need some one to confirm, it's got the internal ignition and was told it was a "Skyhawk" but I just want to know what I got. Also I bought a flying horse stage two from Bikeberry. Wish I'd had known about this forum and the other vendors back then, I would have spent my money elsewhere. They do have A++++ service tho, I'd have just got a bigger bang for my buck elsewhere imho. Since moving to the land of dirt cheap bikes, I procured a web edition occ stingray that I've added a stem and 19"apes to, a 26" schwinn or schwinn-ish cruiser with a bent springer front fork and 24" apes-hey I'm a tall guy, and a Kent Siesta Key seven speed. I was gonna use the parts from the Kent to make my cruiser a multi speed but it rides soooo effortlessly, so of course my wife to be snagged it post haste....yep she wants one too, she rode the heck outta my first occ, a keeper she is. I am a it worried about the strength and longevity of the aluminum frame- esp if it's my wife's. I trust steel. So her starts my builds two, three and four. The cruisers are getting assembled with the 2 kits I have and shortly there after shift kits, the stingray is getting a Dax Ktm clone, I need power or gears, and on an OCC gears ain't cheap or easy really. Either buy an insanely expensive wheel and kit, or build it yourself and deal with all the finicky crap.....I'll just get a bigger motor lol. I hope the Ktm install don't kick my tail tho. Any advice on that one? Well how's that for an intro. Pics are too big but I got a bunch, I'll add a few in a bit. Keep it between the ditches....VV
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