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Default Re: Winter riding decisions.

Well you've got guts, xseler, taking your GoldWing out in ice and sleet.

I'm pretty good with a motorcycle. Yet I wouldn't ride in any conditions where ice on the road was a possibility. Even though I knew that my bike was stable enough to go straight over a patch. I still wasn't willing to take that chance.

The good thing about bicycles and MBs, of course, is that you can use studded tires. On a bicycle that might not be an absolute must. But I like the added security.

Speaking of that whole 'age' thing, I do believe that a bicycle is something like the fountain of youth. If you were to take a close look at my face, you'd see skin that's in its mid-fifties. But from just a few feet away, my 'general' appearance is two decades younger. About. But it's also not just me who thinks so.

Now maybe I did get a good DNA mix. It seems to be okay. Yet I still just know that I could have been one of those guys with pencil thin arms and legs and a Santa Claus belly. I can see the tendencies in that direction in my body.

I simply know that riding a bicycle and defying the weather has kept me younger than I'd have been otherwise.

The reason I add all of that is to be encouraging toward anyone who thinks maybe they want to do it. If you're still young, then all the better. If not, it's still never too late.
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