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Originally Posted by NorthernVandal View Post
Love to see some pics, I have a Soul Stomper (Factory Raw) 3 speed and am just beginning my journey to find a way to put an engine on it. Not sure if I CAN yet, with the rear disc brake.
I have the same bike sans the 3 speed. I opted for the single speed with the coaster brake and will eventually add a front brake. One problem is the length of the engine. I could not find a way to install it perfectly vertical. As you will see the carb is off to the left of the bottle opener. Another issue is the width of the seat tube. It's too thick. Another issue is the down tube. It's also too thick. I used one of the holes for the clutch plate to attach it directly to the bottle opener instead of the stock attachment at the back of the engine. You called it a journey and that's what it was for me. I also used a universal motor mount from to attach the front of the engine to the bike's down-tube. Another issue there. The mounting holes didn't exactly match and the adapter's pre-drilled holes weren't wide enough to accommodate my engine's mounting holes. Some drilling was necessary. I opted for the cruiser brake alone because I thought the disc brake would get in the way of the sprocket assembly. After the journey was done(almost) this is the result . Another issue as you might notice is the gas tank. The stock clamp won't fit. The correct fix is suggested over here I opted for JB Weld Steel Stick.

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