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Default Re: Hello from Houston! (TX)

Originally Posted by Goergedave View Post
I agree with the grey area. I can only tell you my experience. Living in Austin I did, a while back confirm with someone at the DMV or DPS(I forget which) that no license, registration or insurance was necessary for a 49CC motorized bicycle. Think they call it a motor assisted bicycle(not to be confused with a motor assisted scooter). However, not all officers throughout Texas knows this. AS far as the Texas Sheriff's Dept. is concerned I have a legal motorized bicycle. I have spoken to them in front of my residence(live on a dirt road outside of APD's jurisdiction and they(sheriff's dept) stroll by occasionally) and that was confirmed by him. I have since been "stopped" by 3 other officers with Sheriff SUV's at my local convenience store just to ask me what I was riding and for some specifics about it. Not once did they ask me for my license or why it wasn't tagged. I have however heard of Issues over at UT but I rarely venture downtown. I wasn't paying attention unfortunately and stopped mere maybe a foot from a parked vehicle as I was coming to a stop in a parking lot at the convenience store. It was a Sheriff. WHOOPS!!!! He just asked me where I got it from. I told him where the bike came from and the motor was added on(OBVIOUSLY). I had my Kryptonite series 2 U-lock and a very thick cable as well. Even before I went to lock it up he asked me you want me to watch it while you're inside? Sure, thank you.

Anyways I wasn't expecting to ramble. Sorry about that. WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!!!!

Thanks for the info and the greeting! Hopefully the authorities won't be over-sensitive where I live. ("There's a suspicious looking Asian kid on an illegal unregistered scooter!")
I'm convinced that as long as I'm following traffic rules and isn't doing anything stupid, I'll be fine.
I think I'll print out the sections and maybe highlight it in case I can't explain it well enough.

I'm planning on using this for commute to highschool on nice days, hopefully I won't end up like the guy at UT, which I have read about a while ago.
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