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Default Re: MB Poll

Thinking about it a bit more, posting that photo might have opened up a can of worms. And I should have handled that a bit better.

No one should make any mistake about it: what I've done with that bike could very well be dangerous if not done properly.

Now I do have a plan in mind. And I'll find this very thread and post some good pics when I'm done. And that won't take long because that's about the next step in this build.

I'm confident that the design I have in mind will have the strength and the stiffness for this job. Once I have it built if I don't feel confident in it, then I'll scrap the bike.

I've already been through that, as a matter of fact. An earlier design. When it came right down to it, it only might have been strong enough. I crave certainty and I never rode that bike.

If anyone thinks about modifying a frame I'd strongly urge having a similar attitude. And be prepared to give up on something that you're not rock-solid certain about.
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