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I'm a two cycle engine fan. And I stick with the stock set-up. Mostly because it's cheap.

I don't think I'm a true 'miser'. I even spend recklessly. But I just seem to prefer inexpensive to 'fancy'. If it's functional, that's what I love. It can be crude. It can be ugly. I don't much care.

I don't recall the measure of my frame. Or the other frames that I've built on. Probably never measured them at all. But they've been bikes in the same size range as any 26" bike you'll find at the big box stores.

But I recently tried something new. And I like the results. I got myself a set of pretty heavy duty 24" wheels and put them on my current bike. The bike is not too low for me by any means. But my 'footprint' on the road actually does feel a bit wider.

This is still pretty new to me. Only a few weeks. But results seem good and I've perceived no downside yet. I have a feeling that I'll never put 26" wheels on a motorized bike again.
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