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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Was my bike but sold it to a friend at work for his only transportation this summer. A couple weeks ago on his way in he got about half way and it died and wouldn't start. So I ran through it with him thinking maybe the carburetor needed a cleaning or the cdi died or bad plug and I literally said and pointed to the magneto that if somehow you got that wet that it could be why she died. So I finally got it home and in my shop and tried a new plug and wire and nothing. Then a new cdi and nothing. Cleaned the carb and nothing. Put the old parts on to try with the new clean carb and nothing. So I opened the magneto cover and a flood of water pooled out! How in the heck?! Put a new magneto in and WALLAAH! she fired up on the first kick =-)

I sealed where the wires come out and made a gasket with some good rtv sylicone. And sealed the cover screws
Love to go fast! :-D
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