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Thanks guys. Yeah it is only a wrist fracture or something. Be a month till I can ride anyway, so if I don't find my bike till then.. we'll see. Foot had some pulled/sore muscles and I'm walking two days already. Down to only 6 advils a day now. Doc will tell me more tomorrow..

Originally Posted by msrfan View Post
What? Some lowlife stole your bike? I have motors if you need one for a new project.
Thank you for the offer! Really appreciate it. I have a month till the wrist heals to think about it (and see if my bike is found). However I rarely build two similar projects. I start thinking about a better, faster, more reliable motorized bicycle with rear suspension... it starts looking a lot like a motorcycle.. then I think.. well I could trade the 200cc motor for a 5 or 600... and then...

...Then I start looking at parallel twin's and stretching one of those instead

Way I see it.. It's a sign to move on.. And the season to count blessings.
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