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Default Lurker joined up.

Been reading up on all the board-tracker stuff I can find, and there is so much info here.... a guy could turn his brain to mush!


I am going to build a tracker like I remember my grandad had. ....(Notice I sad going to...NOT want to!)

All I can remember was that the bars were so far down, and forward, that my little leg got burned off the two pipes coming straight out of the jugs on the right side.
I was reaching out so far...I got the wobbles and rode about 25yds. into a corn field before coming to a crashing stop.

Burned leg, and all it was fun!

I am 50 now , but still get excited driving by a corn field and remembering.

Trouble is now that I'm older the only name I can remember on the flat gas tank side was "Thor".

I have been trying to find a link here for "Grubee", and "King's" motors so I can start small and maybe work up in size.

Any links to board tracker style motorized-bikes would be welcome!
(How to's, what'cha need, etc...)

Have been looking for a "Thor" since the 70's to no avail, I don't know if it was made in the USofA or an import?

Thanks for your time!
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