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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

That's actually what I meant, everything around those tires will literally get hammered when the chains let loose, and after awhile on clear pavement, they will. Lost more than one mudflap from that, and the front shock on my TopKick too.

Chains are at their best on ice. The best answer to deep snow, (in a tire, in my experience) is an agricultural type tire, with a wide spaced, deep "V" tread pattern. The wider the better.

Blue, in your situation, my experience points to a semi-aggressive studded tire, with as wide a footprint as possible. It sounds like your road conditions change a lot by the mile, much like here on the Rim. Riding on dirt roads this time of year, adds yet another set of variables to the mix.

I say "Semi-Aggressive", because if the lugs are too tall the studs won't grip. You don't want to make your studs too long, or they'll pull out. Mountain bike tires are typically quite thin, between the lugs. A semi-aggressive, Kevlar, road bike tire, with the studs placed between the lugs, should be a good compromise. This should allow enough material between lugs to hold a screw, or other "stud".
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