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Default Re: New from California

Originally Posted by SoCalBoy View Post
I stated that I wasn't interested in all of this back and forth... So, I will let you continue to confuse the masses. Enjoy...
Hey, I am just posting what CA says about the legality of motorized bikes.

Don't shoot the messenger.
I don't write or endorse the CA motorized bicycle laws but your denial will not change anything.

You must not have a drivers license to be this blinded and confused by fairly straight forward wording in the 2015 Motorcycle manual.

I post so the masses are not confused by you.
Telling the cop that the Phantom Bike guy on Jay Leno or the drone at the DMV said that it was OK probably won't save you from a ticket or worse.....

PS: This is a public forum were just about anyone can have their say.
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