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Default Re: What is the quietest motorized kit

Originally Posted by cypher99 View Post
I think I've decided on an electric bike. I had considered one in the beginning and now I think I'm going to go ahead and take a chance on one. The combination of buying gas (which I hate doing at all) and the loudness of the motors was the deciding factor.
Electric bikes are easy to maintain if you get a good solar array.. These will take you 100 miles and back again. Good things these are. The distance on the electrics are goofy. I want to eventually want to make some special designs but need the motors first. Start with these because electric is a headache unless you have 100 to peep away!

Good poists and questions cypher!!

Also most if not all electrics and parts are non US made so parts may be hard to get in a pitfall depression..

Watch my posts in spring and get a welder. You can have a good time fixing your own rigs up..

Cheers all!
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