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Default Re: continuing on with a brat or maybe a cafe racer

A welding class at the local community college does wonders...

I've learned more about the science of welding, and understand more about it, than those same videos (it's a good channel to subscribe to!) can explain. (I have learned to weld better than my friends who've only watched videos..but they still don't believe a class would do anything for them lol)

On the other hand...those videos help to give me a bit more perspective on 'what' techniques can help, they give you a close up that you tend to 'remember' how it is supposed to look when welding.

TIG welding is not as easy as it looks...and it looks pretty easy. Can you play a drumset, well? because if you can, you'll have an easier time of it.

It's all about patting your head with your left hand, rubbing your belly with your right, standing on your right leg, and tapping your left foot, all at the same time.

If you are familiar with oxy-acetylene welding...TIG is a lot like that, except your 'heat/flame' is the arc, and instead of pulling the flame away, you adjust with a pedal.
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