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Default Re: leather and Motorized bicycles

Leather from suppliers comes from tanneries, which typically work with slaughterhouses. Hides are bought in huge lots, and processed by machines and chemicals. All that saves huge expense in man-hours.

Ever killed, and skinned an animal? The size of a cow? Then process it into something usable? Lot of work just in getting the hide off.

Not saying the wholesalers are more expensive, in fact quite the opposite. I was illustrating the fact that "straight from the cowboy" is not at all the way to go.

I work for a guide service currently, and we charge $200 to skin a deer, $400 for cow elk, $600 for bull elk and black bear. A bull elk can weigh around 1000lbs, a steer (beefeater) can easily reach 1 ton.

This is a case where "support your local farmer" can really bite back. The little guy just can't compete with big industry, is what I'm getting at
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