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Hey???... Maybe it's me , I've bin told im a little thick! But I have no idea what the **** you guys are talking about ??I do tooled leather for the last 10 years full time and I just dont get what the heck your saying ? Straight from the cowboy and $500 to $800 ?There are a 100 leather suppliers that sell hides by the side , bend, neck , back and bellies for about $100 and up depending on the quality ...
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Worked in the cattle business for a long time on and off, from calving to tanning, I've done it all. I can tell you, just get your leather wholesale. "Straight from the cowboy" tells me "an arm and a leg". A LOT of work goes into processing cowhide to leather. If someone like me goes through that kind of trouble, you'll pay $500 to start, likely closer to $800.

Repurposed leather is likely your best bet, belts coats, even boots. If you want good stiff stuff, like saddlery, you'll want steerhide. Its what high quality holsters and saddles are made from. Finding that stuff will be hard, at least repurposed, you'll have to buy it.

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