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Default Re: Necro's Bike Repair Help - Ask me how to fix stuff and I'll give it a shot.

There's been a few discussions about balancing wheels. It has nothing to do with truing a wheel. An out of round wheel isn't out of balance, it's just not round.

Tires and tubes will affect balance the most. Valve stems are usually the heavy spot.

The only way to balance a wheel is to static balance it. Spin the wheel, the heavy spot ends up at the bottom, you put some kind of weight on the top. Simple in theory.

But, pointless, in my opinion, and in my experience.

I spent years busting tires. I used to balance tires for race cars, using the latest hi tech equipment, like shavers that skimmed off the high spots of rubber on a tire. Works great, unless the tire slips on the rim.

Car tires attain a certain resonance at certain speeds. Usually at 33 and 66mph. (Check that on your car, if your front wheels are out, you feel it in the steering wheel, rears, the whole car.)

Our bikes are too light to feel an unbalanced wheel, and at speeds, there's usually a whole lotta other things vibrating and shaking to notice. An out of round wheel, yeah, you'll feel it, but no amount of "balancing" will get rid of that.

As to the rest of this thread, anything you need to know about bikes is available on reputable sites, like Sheldon Brown's or Park tools, so you can save time and look up your problems there.

The OP has good intentions, but after I read "...pliers..." in how to true a wheel, I stopped reading.

Most spoke nipples are chrome plated brass. You will never get your spokes tightened properly with pliers. And if you try to loosen tight spokes with them, you might as well throw your wheel away.

Pliers, channel locks, and vice grips are tools for holding stuff, or to remove an already butchered nut or bolt.
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