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Default Nimrod wants to be a rider again!

Howdy, Name is Russ

I live in a Mobile Home Park in the Mother Lode near Auburn Ca.

Here is my rationale for a powered bike here.

Small hills with a raise of no more than 10 feet per 50 feet elevation. I bought a battery bike two years ago and pedaled way too much.

I have been a motor biker for years but being 67yrs and falling apart, that my children have said no more motorcycles, or even scooters. Besides that going down Hwy 80 is no more fun anymore.

Now here is the other kicker, I am about 260 lbs and with very short legs. about 28 ins inseam. So I need an 18 in. strong bike.

I was thinking about getting a cruiser with a seven speed and brakes and because I want to be as quiet as possible getting a 4 stroke engine.

So my first question is should I start with my battery powered bike which has every thing I want on it with front forks that work or get a get a new new cruiser and should it be a steal frame or aluminum frame, to cope with my middle aged spread!
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