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Default Re: Attention! Little math help here!

"Blue, you ROCK! That made perfect sense to me." ---mogollonmonster

That made sense? Man, I'm still confused.

But anyway......if your climbs are particularly long, then I guess you might want to go for as much torque as you can get. So that you're not 'winding out' that engine for miles at a time.

At a guess, I'd say that both a 56 and a 60 is a good idea. It's hard to imagine you needing anything larger, since I think you mentioned once that you're not a particularly heavy guy.

In any case I think I'd recommend gearing that has your engine right in its mid-rpm range on those long uphills. That's where you're going to want that engine to be in its comfort zone. And it's likely that either the 56 or the 60 will fit that.
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