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Default Re: 43mph 48cc stock internals +- 1500 miles later

Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
The only time either of my 48cc bikes did 43 mph they were in the back of my truck, my bike with the 44 tooth sprocket on a good day will do 31.

Ditto, AND my bike is a "60/80" cc, AND I'm 50lbs lighter, AND I agree with Joe. The numbers do not compute. Estimates are worthless, spend $10-$15 on a speedometer.

Technically you need one to be legal. Try booking through a school zone at 25, past a cop, on a pedal bike. You'll get a ticket. Promise you, EVERYTHING must obey the speed LIMIT. Get a speedo, $15 to save you a $100+++ ticket.

Gods forbid a traffic incident involving a pedestrian and a motorbike, let alone a speeding one. Bad publicity for all of us. DO NOT SCREW WITH THE MOTORBIKE MOJO!
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