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Default Re: Necro's Bike Repair Help - Ask me how to fix stuff and I'll give it a shot.

Originally Posted by bluegoatwoods View Post
"The people who read stuff here ride at non trivial speeds and giving advice to build an improperly built or repaired wheel could result in a major catastrophe." --beginner01

Anyone who rides at non-trivial speeds without making absolutely sure for himself, or without knowing what he's doing, is the one and only person who is responsible for what happens. It's definitely not the person who offered some advice in a helpful spirit.

And I don't even see what's so wrong with necromancers description of how to true a wheel. Don't forget that you'll get a lot of different opinions on just what is the "right" way.

I say "Thanks!" to the necromancer for volunteering to be helpful to those who might be able to benefit from it.

It's not a wrong thing to do.

Above 25 mile an hour is a non trivial speed. Cheap bikes destroy themselves after enough miles at this speed.

So what, are you saying each person must do hours of research before they get the right answer? Shall I link to my strong wheel build thread? Would you be the first to comment on it?

The bicycle wheel. By jobst Brandt. How many books did you read on the subject of motorbikes? Or just bikes? This stuff goes deep, and you must educate yourself in many other forms than just the internet.

The internet is basically garbage in, garbage out.
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