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Default Re: hmmm, not sure, what do you think?

Originally Posted by thxcuz View Post
Also, what color? Green like the rest of the bike or black like the seat?
I'd just flip the bars, so they look more like clubmans on similar to a cafe racer...

For paint? Your bike reminds me of a BMW (Larger tank) which meets the seat near the mid-line...whereas most cafe styles have the tank and seat lines on the same level/plane...

Kind of like this:


vs. something in line like this:


since the tank sits far lower than the seat... I think it would be important to either keep the seat/tank in a common color scheme (Black), or you could create the allusion of that line by painting the tank a different color, but starting up higher so that it's in-line with the seat... Just a few thoughts.

Good luck!
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