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Default Re: Are Motorized Bicycles the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

I usually get "I've heard of those, I've never seen one up close" or "I was thinking of making one of those" The guys on motorcycles don't even look in my direction, I've got a feeling they think its an abomination. Most of the spandexers are ok with my abomination. I know they are secretly jealous when they see me pedaling my Raleigh twenty to and from the store. I use my bike for practical's a tool. They use a bike for recreation, that makes it a toy or perhaps a piece of athletic equipment like a baseball mit.
i live in an upscale yuppie neighborhood and Its fair to say I have some yuppie in me as well, Nobody seems to think my Motor bike is Hillbilly.
I have a need for slightly increased speed
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