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Default Re: Are Motorized Bicycles the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

"Will I openly ridicule any male in that gear? No but I'll do it silently, like polite folk are taught!" --mogollonmonster

That puts it pretty well!

I do have some respect for nice equipment. But a little is enough. And if that's all that the guy has got, then he doesn't have much. But I still won't laugh out loud because that's not a nice thing to do. But I allow myself a silent chuckle or two.

I have more respect for a guy who's making something old and, maybe, a little beat up a bit better day by day, idea by idea, modification by modification. I have a lot of respect for that. I wouldn't even want to laugh at that. Out loud or to myself. This is nothing to laugh at. This is inspiring!

It's part of the reason, I guess, that motorized bicycles have a lot of charm for me. A person can tinker and tinker and gradually turn himself into a sort of artist.

Pretty cool stuff!
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