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Default Re: Are Motorized Bicycles the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

Agreed, Blue. I've never actually had the opportunity to chat with many of our Spandexers, they're typically fighting the wind, on their way out of town. I can't say they're snobs.

I can say that I see a lot of our society is stuck on "Image". I can't afford one, so it don't concern me much.

Locally my problems come from meth addicts, tweakers with holes in their brains, and Drain-O in their veins. Twice in the last year, it's taken a brick to get my point across. The first one is under the counter of the local country store, autographed per the owners request. These people will rob their mothers, and help her look for the stuff.

Back on topic...

Our snobs are all the same, folks with more money than brains. Around here, it's Doctors. Which are snobs everywhere else.

Who cares? We know who we are, and we rock! We push or pass 200mpg. I have maybe $500 wrapped up in my bike, total. So some dude got snookered out of twice that, and still has to pedal? Haha! Would i rock spandex? Well I guess that's a option, the girls would look twice for sure! But those helmets are a definite NO. I'll stick with my K-pot, thank you. Will I openly ridicule any male in that gear? No but I'll do it silently, like polite folk are taught! If some donkey wants to tell me all about his passion with dead eyes, I'll let him play parrot, then ill prattle on about guns, which that type hates. I can play the game, smiling at folks you despise is part of the red neck job description.

We are a niche, fill it! And be respectful, or someone will get offended, and screw everything up for us.

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