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Default Re: Are Motorized Bicycles the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

I've got a notion that might explain a lot of the 'spandex' attitude.

To start with, some of them are snobs. There are snobs everywhere and in all sorts of shapes and sizes, of course. But the whole roadie thing seems to attract snobs. They evaluate others based on the equipment these others have, and nothing more.

But I think that true bike snobs are not all that numerous. There's another fraction of that crowd, and I think it's fairly large, that are a bit different.

These are the ones who are grim, but not necessarily total jerks.

I think that they think --probably unconsciously-- that recreating at zero or low cost, for fun or economy, is 'unseemly' for a go-getting, 21st Century man.

But if it's classified as 'exercise' plus it's done with impressive equipment and documentation of progress and attainments, and if it's pursued with an almost businesslike attitude, then it's okay. Just make darned sure that you never let your guard down and let it show that you're doing it only for the sheer joy of it.

I might be trying to fit a bunch of different people into one mold here. Yet I do think that there are some who don't feel it's okay for an adult to simply 'play'. And economizing is downright shameful.

I've got a bit of sludge in my brain and I have a hole or two in the head. (Nothing too serious. I promise. Normal stuff.) But I sure am glad that I don't suffer from this sort of attitude. It must be horrible.
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