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Default Re: Are Motorized Bicycles the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

lol, yup, I remember when I used to live on a road where this pair of drunk jackasses in a big red truck would frequently try to run me off the road or throw stuff at me as they went past. I got sick of it and started keeping a few smoke grenades (the kind they make for little kids that you have to actually pull the pin out of and that look like actual grenades) to throw back at them. Worked like a charm! The inside of their car filled with smoke and they had to pull over and spill out of their car and wait for the smoke to dissipate, by which time I was long gone. Plus there was that moment when the look of sheer terror on their faces before the smoke went off where they thought they'd screwed with the wrong guy and were about to get blown up. They never bothered me again.
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