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Default Re: Are Motorized Bicycles the Beverly Hillbillies of bicycledom?

Spandexers suck, but none of them give me any guff. I'm 6'2" 165lbs of redheaded redneck, I carry myself in such a way that folks understand violence IS an option.

I live in a very rual area, a few screwballs have TRIED to run me off the road. A red masonry brick tossed to the left solved the problem. It also got me a ticket for littering and a cup of coffee with Deputy Jesse Pollak.

I try not to be a jerk, but not everyone tries. Spandexers are rare in these parts, but so are bicyclists. I deal with all snobs the same way, kill em with kindness. Any one who thinks they're better than me, is only proving the opposite true.

Motorbikers Rule! 'Nuff said.
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