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Default Re: MogollonMonster's 1000 Mile Review!

I'm right there with you on the skies. The mesa to the west of me produces beautiful (early) sunsets, it also blocks all the light interference from town. On a clear night, without the moon, the Milky Way can almost be touched. It can feel as though you are on the threshold of the Gods.

I've been lucky enough to avoid living in urban areas in my first quarter century. A few months here or there, but I always come home to my Mogollon Rim. There's a lot out in the world, for a young man my age, but I've decided against the rat race. People die without living. I chose to starve to death on my mountain, before I "live" like that.

That was the easiest choice I've ever made. This weekend, and until the tags are filled, or the season runs out, my boss and I are guiding a pair of guys on a cow elk hunt, on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. 1900 applicants, 50 tags, and the only way a white boy can explore the Rez legal like.

Ever seen the movie "Fire in the Sky"? Travis Walton was abducted by aliens. This weekend was the anniversary, and the annual "Skyfire Summit". This year, Travis led the folks out to the place where it happened, the Turkey Springs Cut, just off the F.S.Rd. 300. They got two school busses stuck. Priceless. I'll try to post the pics I got. Didn't think of taking them till we were pulling out.

I'll post up pics of my ride home, when I finally get to take it. I stay in Heber-Overgaard while I work, so until I'm done with the hunt, take care of the water co. I'll get to go home to my bed, and critters.

I must warn everyone, the high desert I cross is not my idea of pretty, but it's empty.

Tried posting pics on the thread, but my phone sucks, you can find all my photos in my profile albums.

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