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Default Re: Where can I find GAS TANK BRACKET STRAPS

Originally Posted by Goergedave View Post
Who's the man TOM? YOU da MAN! Thank you.
LOL, Thanks, George.
I've used this method on a couple of bikes with oversized top tubes. It works well. Your using double sided tape is also a very good idea. That way you don't need to overtighten the tank fasteners. They will suffice to hold the tank and the tape will help keep it where you want it.

Ive used a product made for seating auto window glass in the door channels. It's called, 'window setting tape' and any auto glass shop will have it. They'll probably give you a foot for free if you ask nice. It is about 1/8" thick and when wetted with a solvent like WD40, it becomes slippery but dries and becomes an adhesive that will hold the tank in place as well as offer some cushioning too. Hope this helps.

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