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Default Re: new motor will not start at all

How is it running away from the problem that dont make sense and I've checked just about everything in just looking for what others think to try next and if I haven't tried it I will consider it the motor wants to turn over I I'm pushing it but it don't seem to want to try to turn over at all when I'm riding it down the hill and let the clutch out all I can hear is chain noise but I hear no motor at all and I feel like I should hear it pumping or something that why I dont know what would cause that I its the clutch if I have cable to tight arm pulled to tight towards gas or if its the actual clutch itself or if its not even that and I dont know if i should do what the last guy said and try switching the wires how would I know If the magnet is backwards before switching wires thank you everyone and please dont be rude I just want to figure this out and would appreciate help not rude comments thank you again
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