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Default Re: new motor will not start at all

Don't mess with the clutch.
You can clear a flooded engine by removing the plug and turning the engine over a few times.

THEN- check for spark. You may need a helper. While the plug is out, press it on the head, with the wire attached, sin the back wheel- does it have spark?

If it does, put a gas mixture in the plug hole, and try to start it with NO choke at first, slowly adding choke as you pedal. Contrary to popular belief, two strokes are pretty hard to flood, especially compared to a 4 stroke.

If that fails, and you are SURE there are no air leaks, it could be ignition related, though if you have sparks, you have sparks.

Try a NEW plug, and be sure you are using a 32:1 mixture at the most, not 16:1, 24:1, ect .
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