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Default Re: Anyone thought about a diesel bike?

To clear up a few things.
Glow engines, (model plane) are semi diesel, and the glow head or plug is only used to start them. They can be 2 or 4 strokes. They stay running because the combination of compression and catalytic reaction between the platinum of the glow element and the alcohol in the fuel keeps the element lit- not from being 'super heated'. They can be run as low as 2000 rpm, some idle lower.

Model engines that are full diesel start and run using compression only, most with an adjustable combustion chamber, which helps with starting. These run on a combination of ether, oil, and sometimes some other additives.

Once r/c guys get to a certain size (usually) they go to guess what? Small ignition engines like those in weedwackers/chain saws, ect .

Just thought I'd clear that back to your regularly schedualed thread.

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