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Default Re: What is the best place to get a 4 stroke kit?

Originally Posted by LongboardMalinois View Post
Thanks for the input about the HF 79cc, but i was looking for a kit which comes with most of the things that i would need to get it up and running, the most important to me being the attachment to the frame, since i don't yet have a welder. Is the HF 79cc fairly straightforward to attach to a bike frame without a welder? And if i built a bike without a kit i wouldn't want to give it to someone else! So if i do end up using a HF 79cc in a bike i will probably have to build one for myself before building one for my friend.
I have a welder, but I didn't use it to attach my 79cc predator to my frame...

Pop rivets, weldable steel, and 3/8" threaded rod.

BTW the 79cc predator is a fairly straightforward build, pretty easy to do. I'd say the hardest part for me was waiting for the parts to arrive
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