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Default Re: MogollonMonster's 1000 Mile Review!

We're happy for you, man. I'd like to live life like that.

I'm imagining your night sky. Face to face with the very universe. It would be great.

I spent my teen years and early twenties in a rural part of Michigan. Even after I got old enough to own a car I still just loved to walk those dirt roads. (also enjoyed bucking show drifts in my pickup or one friend's Pinto. But that's another story.) When there was no Moon I couldn't see the road. I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. I felt my way down the road. Sometimes in near blizzard conditions.The locals probably thought I was peculiar. But maybe they understood. Even if they didn't do it themselves.

I could go back and I'd be quite happy about it.

But I've lived a more urban life in the last thirty years. But during that whole time I stuck with a bicycle. And about eight years ago now I discovered those gorgeous little happy time two stroke engines. Just in time, too. I'm aging and riding a pedal bike takes more of 'what I got to give' than it used to.

My wife has a car and I've got a chevy pickup. But I don't hardly drive them at all. I stick to my bike. Bad weather is not a problem, it's icing on the cake. But I don't have the solitude that I had back then. Or that you have now. But stopping and buying a Coke or a pack of cigarettes is, I suppose, much more convenient for me. So I guess there's pros and cons either way.

But these locals definitely think I'm peculiar. But I get the last laugh. I'm far ahead of most of them in general health. And I'm probably ahead of most of them in general happiness.

Life is real, real good riding a bike like these.

When you get a chance, how about some pics of the scenery on your 'commute'?
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