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Default Re: About to jump into the game!

Originally Posted by TheNecromancer13 View Post
Stuff to replace from the start: Get rid of the gear that bolts onto your spokes, it will pull the wheel out of alignment and rip the spokes out; instead get one that bolts onto either your disc brake mount, or if you don't have one, your hub. If you have a magneto with 3 wires coming off of it, replace that with one of the newer ones that has only 2, they're much more reliable. Also replace the crap fuel filter, and the spark plug and spark plug boot. Also all the mounting hardware, and I would suggest drilling out and retapping the rear mounting bolts so that they accept 3/8" rods instead of 1/4, I have had issues with 1/4" rods breaking. Also redrill the carb jet a little smaller and set the needle clip to the leanest setting (top notch) unless you live at a high elevation. If you want a cheap way to get a little bit of extra power, take the end off the exhaust pipe and drill a few holes in the side of the stinger, as long as you don't drill too many, you get a minimal increase in noise, and if you can get the thing not to 4 stroke all the time, it's not going to be that loud anyways. Also, once you get sick of the 2 stroke breaking down, scrap the entire thing and replace it with a more reliable engine
Thanks for the advice, I've read about a few of those suggestions, but I clearly have more reading to do.
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