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Default Re: rattle can paints!

I love it wheel chair stickers! Yea you knock off 5 and your an ace last I knew.
Deacon have you found your neighbors still?
Or do you have one of your own I'm beginning to wonder?
Best shine I ever drank had plums in it and it was purple and it would burn with a pretty blue flame in the dark couldn't see the flame in the light.
A couple of shots of that and you had better be sitting on the floor cause if you weren't you would very soon be there checking the cracks in the floor. with both hands trying to get a good grip, digging your finger nails in the floor, your toenails dug in just trying to keep from being spun off the world. It was great until someone slammed on the breaks,then the going full tilt in the opposite direction thats when I'd spew, game over. Then it was trying to swear off ever doing that again and promising to be good , begging God to let you sober up.
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