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Default About to jump into the game!

Hey All,

I've just found this forum, and I'm about to get into the deep end on building my first bike. I live in Seattle, and love pretty much anything with a motor. This site seems to be just about perfect for helping me with my plans...and I've already read up on some of the tips thank you all in advance! This may be a long intro post...thanks for reading.

I'm very excited about this next venture. I got the idea about motorized bikes about a month ago after getting ready for another motorcycle build I had in mind... a board tracker. But, with the limited garage space I have now (I have a 1960's size garage= small!!! and my '69 Karmann Ghia that I restored, '01 FZ1 that I tour with and a '79 XS650 that I built into a cafe racer, plus the boat crap, fishing gear, snowboard gear, tools, etc...) It has given me a pause on how to get yet another project in there. LOL... and the reality of not having a frame jig anymore, nor milling/welding equipment to really build the board tracker frame the way I want will have to sit on the back burner for now.

But, as my girlfriend said, "You could build a motorized bicycle in the basement" and I agreed! LOL... So that's exactly what I'm going to do!!!

While I'm fairly ambitious about most things I get into, I think this build will be a more simple approach: Beach cruiser bike and motor kit, with a few custom twists in there to make it mine. I'm not looking to spend too much, although price isn't a huge issue compared to my past builds...ha ha, and really the idea here is to get inspired for the motorcycle build I plan to do down the road...and have my kids help with the build as a group project (Good bonding time I think).

For the frame, I've got a Micargi Pantera 7sp beach cruiser on it's way (Thank you Amazon prime). I opted for this bike as I wanted free wheel rear hub and front & Back brakes without having to guess about them fitting/working correctly and while it's got 7 speeds, I am not sure I'll keep--may just remove the derailer...depends on the look I suppose. Ultimately, there are other frames that I liked more...but I just didn't want to deal with buying brakes and free wheel with any of the single speed frames I was looking at...or building a frame-up build, as I'm not looking to spend THAT kind of $ on it... (So it seems to be cheaper to buy it as a complete bike and know they work vs. piece by piece). If I really love this build, I may get a springer suspension and front brake hub down the road...or ****, build another one....not sure yet.

For engines, I was toying with building my own...but again, I want the project to involve my kids and the bolt-on kits seem like the ticket. I've been doing some research and there seems to be some universal truths about basic motor kits... To be honest, I'm not expecting much from them...perhaps with a little TLC they'll last? So I finally decided on a basic kit: I've got a Mega Motors 66/80cc coming (Again, thank you Amazon Prime)... seems like its cheap enough that I won't feel bad about the quality and as long as it works well enough to enjoy the bike for a while, I'm ok with it. Upgrades, etc. may be part of the process...not sure just yet until I see what it actually feels like in my hands.

(Is there a link for must do's on these Chinese engines prior to install?)

For the rest, I'm looking to possibly get a lowered/lay-back seat post...tighter/dropped handle bars...change out the separate brake levers for one unit, move the shifter (if I keep it), and some other cosmetic changes (Seat/grips, etc).

I am also going to build my own gas tank to have a very custom board tracker look... we'll see how that goes. LOL.

Anyways, wanted to introduce myself and I'll start a build thread once the parts start to arrive.
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