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Default Re: Suzuki Motorized Bicycle Concept

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Blue- I think you are talking about the RE5. They sold them here for awhile, but they never caught on. The other wankel was the Hercules, and that one had the 'side to side' rotation, Suzuki was mounted conventionally.

Sorry about the hijack!
And I'm sorry for continuing the hijack!

But that's interesting info Bikeguy Joe. They actually had the guts to try to put something like that on the market in the USA, huh? It's not that I'm calling the bike some sort of monstrosity. It's just that automakers tend to be conservative. They're timid about marketing anything that's out of the mainstream.

I gotta give Suzuki some credit. They're fairly brave about what they invest in. Maybe that's more true of their two-wheel division than their four wheel, though. I don't recall seeing anything weird among their cars.
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