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Default Front tire drum brake generator?

I'm planning my first build and I'm going to use a springer front susp. on my retro cruiser motorized bicycle and may occaisonally ride at night while commuting. I want a good set of front brakes and a classic looking headlight. So I'm thinking that this drum brake/dynamo hub from Firebelly Cycles might be a good choice.

FireBelly Cycles : Front Drum Dynamo Hub

I like the idea of a generator hooked up to the hub instead of using the engine in case I need to pedal, (heaven forbid) and still use the light. I don't really care for any of the battery powered lights I've seen. I know a bicycle repair shop that should be able to lace and true the wheel. Anyone have any comments? Are there any other bumps in the road I should know about?

I should probably mention that I'm not very handy
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